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Hardware Distributors' History

Nicholas Workman founded Hardware Distributors in 1952. He left Muskegon Hardware and Supply which was a thriving wholesale distributor that he along with his two brothers John and Martin Workman started in 1921. Muskegon Hardware was the largest Western Michigan supplier of hardware equipment to factories, garages, lumber dealers, and hardware dealers. Nick Workman purchased the wholesale hardware division from his brothers. He and some of Muskegon Hardware employees moved over to our present location in September 1952. Nick was later joined by his two sons, Wes and Bill, and a son-in-law, Marv Brown.

In 1962, Hardware Distributors purchased Wolverine Hardware in Grand Rapids MI to expand their market. Stafford Huls was the General Manager at Wolverine Hardware until December 1980 when it was moved to Muskegon and consolidated with Hardware Distributors.

During the mid 1970ís, Marvís sonsí Art and Dave; Billís son Dan and son-in-law, Steve Hegedus; and Wesí daughter Barb joined the company.  All but Steve, who retired, are currently with HDI.

We have a number of dedicated associates who are currently with HDI since the late 1960ís, 1970íS and 1980ís along with associates who came in the 1990ís and more recent.

Every year since 1959, HDI has held an Annual Fall Market during the months of either September or October. Customers come for a dinner and later go out to the Market floor to take advantage of the promotions that HDI passes on from our valued vendors.

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"Your Fast Source For Hardware and Seasonal Products"